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Trees that are blown over after a storm may be easy enough to have removed; however, they often leave an unsightly stump in the garden. Besides being unattractive, tree stumps can cause people to trip and fall, particularly when large roots are protruding. Stumps can also become homes for rodents and food for insects. There are many reasons to arrange Hampshire tree stump removal at competitive rates.

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Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

There are five very common and very important reasons to ensure you’ve properly removed tree stumps after a tree has been felled.

  • They’re not aesthetically pleasing. A tree stump in your lawn does very little to add to your exterior design.
  • They can be hazards. It’s possible to trip and fall on stumps, especially when they are small and concealed. Stumps also create hazards for lawn equipment, which can become damaged by striking the stumps.
  • Stumps are havens for insects. Bees, hornets, wasps, and even termites can make their homes in decaying tree stumps. In fact, it’s the perfect location for these insects to thrive.
  • Trees can regrow. Even after a tree has been felled, certain species tend to regrow from the stump, creating an ongoing problem.
  • Roots may keep growing. Some species of trees may continue to take in nutrients through the roots even after the tree has been felled. Qualified professionals can help ensure that root growth is stopped through proper stump removal.
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Hiring Dependable, Rated Companies

Our network consists of only qualified professionals and ensures that they are fully trained on the equipment before working on a job. The skilled tree specialists take maximum safety precautions to prevent injury to people and damage to their property. They are quickly responsive to all jobs, especially emergencies, and provide the highest quality of workmanship. The company and its specialists are licensed and insured for the customers’ protection. Tree specialists carry the appropriate certifications where necessary to perform certain jobs. Tree stump removal Hampshire can be counted on to provide excellent service in a timely fashion and at a fair price.

Complete Stump Removal

When performing a job, Hampshire stump removal specialists will remove the entire stump, leaving nothing behind, including any lateral roots. The hole that remains once the stump is removed will be filled with soil or grinding waste to make the ground level. Tree specialists will not leave a dangerous hole in the ground that could cause people to fall and become injured. All stumps are different in size and position and stump removal specialists are trained and experienced to know the proper equipment to use for each job.

complete stump removal
Hampshire tree stump removal costs

Hampshire Tree Stump Removal Costs

There a number of factors that may affect the cost of Hampshire tree stump removal services including the location of the stump. When a stump is close to a building, special equipment is required along with extra care and skill on the part of the tree specialist, in order to prevent damage to the building. Stump removal specialists are dedicated to doing every job, no matter how difficult, without causing any additional damage to the area. In addition, the width of the stump and the depth it is in the ground may affect the cost along with any adjoining roots. If roots have extended under a driveway or pavement, this creates additional problems that require extra equipment and care.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professionals have large mechanical stump removal equipment which gets the job done in the most efficient manner. The motorized wheel with large embedded teeth makes deep cuts in order to remove stumps that are wide and deep along with their adjoining tree roots. The tree stump grinding equipment used will vary in size based on the job to be done. There are smaller mechanical stump removal devices that are portable and can be used on smaller stumps or on jobs where the stumps are in difficult to access areas like near homes or buildings, in alleys and other difficult to reach areas.

state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment
all tree stumps can be removed successfully

All Stumps Can Be Removed

The management and tree specialists on our network take great pride in their work and are able to provide references so that prospective customers may check their work record. The company works, not only with individual home or business owners, but with professional landscapers, property developers and local governments. No job is too tough for the Hampshire tree stump removal professionals to handle. All specialists are conscientious in their handling of each job, no matter how large or small. Almost all jobs are completed within a day unless there are extenuating circumstances, and the specialists strive to prevent any additional damage to property.

The speed with which we were contacted from my first request was literally minutes. Mrs B. Hampshire

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avoid diy stump removal

DIY Stump Removal Methods to Avoid

There are many people who attempt to remove stumps from their property on their own, and this often causes more harm than good. One of the more common methods involves burning the stump out with petrol. Although this can certainly turn a stump to cinders, it can also cause a significant fire if it isn't controlled. This method of stump removal is not recommended. Some individuals will try to remove the stump by securing it with ropes or straps and pulling it out with a truck. Often, this only results in damage to the vehicle. A tree's root system is elaborate, and it takes quite a bit of effort and expertise to remove it from the ground.

Your Hampshire tree stump removal questions answered

Stumps may be removed by grinding, extracting, burning or using chemicals in order to get rid of them.

There is no one method that is better than any of the others. Instead, the right method will depend on the size of the stump, its root system, and various other factors.

Tree stump removal will either be charged by the hour, or per stump. A by-the-hour charge will generally cost about £100-120, where a 'per stump' charge is harder to determine.

This depends on the method used to remove the stump. Using a professional stump grinder or a mechanical remover can be completed in an afternoon, while burning or enzyme treatments will take significantly longer.

The preferred method is to extract the tree stump by loosening it from the ground and then using a chain or pulley to forcefully lift it from its roots. This requires heavy equipment, and is not a DIY project.

Stump removal can be risky in certain situations, and that's why it's so important to find a company with the knowledge and experience to do the job right. It's also vital to mitigate any potential risk. Each stump removal company in our network hires tree surgeons who are fully licensed and insured.

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can simply use gasoline or kerosene to burn a stump out. While this can and sometimes does work, it can be dangerous for those who are inexperienced. What’s more, in some cases, the stump doesn’t burn out completely, which leaves unattractive growth behind.

Root removal isn’t usually included in a stump removal service, and in most cases, it isn’t necessary. Once a stump has been properly removed, the roots will not continue to grow and should pose no problems to your home’s foundation or lawn.

Most property owners think that it will be OK to remove stumps by tying a rope to them and trying to pull them out with a truck, or by trying to burn them to the point where the rest can be chopped out with an axe. However, neither of these methods is recommended, as substantial property damage can be caused.

Stumps that are quicker and easier to remove will cost less than those that are larger and more deeply rooted. When speaking with the professionals, they will provide you with a quote, which will include complete removal of any that may be present on your property that have become a nuisance.

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Example Tree Stump Removal Requests

01 Mar Stump Removal

There's a remaining tree stump near to a house wall that we would like removed. The tree was previously felled and removed with just the stump remaining.

01 Mar 2 Large Stumps

Two large stumps at the front of our property need to be removed to make way for a driveway extension. Please get in touch with your best quotes for the stump removal.

01 Mar Existing Stump

I bought a home last year, and there is an unattractive tree stump in the front garden that I would like to have removed. Please offer your best quote for tree stump removal services.

28 Feb Best Quotes Needed

Because tree stumps are highly hazardous, I need to get one removed from my garden. What is your best quote for this task? Thank you.